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Owned and operated by USAGM grantee Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Pangea is an in-house design and development team, creating award-winning publishing products and experiences tailored for online journalism.

What We Do

Our flagship product is Pangea CMS, a powerful content management system for journalists. But, we do much more than this. Have a look.

Pangea CMS

A custom designed web-based enterprise publishing system tailored for online journalism. Whether a reporter is “on-location” video streaming breaking news live or an editor behind a desk responding to a reader’s comment, Pangea CMS is a simple to use one-stop publishing solution, reaching audiences instantly. Thousands of USAGM journalists use it every day, publishing news in 58 languages across 200 countries and territories worldwide.

Pangea Source

Designed for journalists to easily view and search the latest news from 3rd party agencies, this tool also has versioning functionality so that they can see how stories develop in real time.

SmartTV, AppleTV and AndroidTV

OTT applications delivers news directly to living room televisions. We have designed apps on three main platforms for Current Time TV as well as RFE/RL, which features programing in 16 languages.

News Websites

Our public-facing sites deliver news content to millions of people around the world. Due to connectivity limitations as well as efforts to restrict access to USAGM sites by some governments, performance is our highest challenge. But it’s not only that. Our comprehensive website design system must have the agility to display in the languages we serve -- a total of 57 languages -- in more than 15 unique designs. Our RFE/RL English website has been nominated or won several international awards over the past seven years.

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Brand Identity Standards

We create, implement and enforce consistent and effective brand identity standards for RFE/RL and Current Time TV. By doing this, we raise public awareness and build credibility.

Editorial Design, Infographics and Print Design

In addition to designing CMS backend pages, frontend public-facing websites and our catalogue of products and services, Pangea designers also enjoy working with journalists to create amazing visual storytelling experiences. This close cooperation has produced two award-winning microsites. And we cannot forget about print - book and DVD covers, posters, billboards, etc -- we design what is needed to support our language services.

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