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Owned by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Pangea is a powerful, custom designed web-based content management system (CMS) tailored for online journalism. Thousands of journalists use it every day, publishing news in more than 60 languages across 200 countries and territories worldwide. Whether a reporter “on-location” video streaming breaking news live or an editor behind a desk responding to a reader’s comment, Pangea is a simple to use one-stop publishing solution, reaching audiences instantly.

Experience and Reliability

A vibrant Ecosystem of Products Services

Our goal is to make news publishing on the web as simple as possible. All of our products are built in-house by our experienced web development team, based on the Microsoft.NET platform, SQL Server Database and open source tools such as ffmpeg.

We also pay special attention to security (our products are FISMA compliant) and reliability of our solutions (we operate in a fully redundant environment, with a backup site located outside of the RFE/RL building). With over 10 years of in-house development, Pangea Digital has evolved into a vibrant ecosystem of products and services operating together to solve the problems of our users.

All-in-One Solution

CMS Means Pangea

What makes Pangea unique is its integration and ease of use. All forms of content are supported on a single platform: video, audio, images, live streaming, user generated content, blogs and, of course, articles. This integration enables quick, seamless publishing not only to a desktop or mobile site, but also directly to mobile/tablet applications, SmartTV apps, social media platforms and third-party publishers. One click in Pangea and the content is live everywhere.

Another key feature of Pangea CMS is customization. Journalists have a high degree of autonomy and flexibility to create different layout configurations on the frontend instantly. This logic of information architecture and overall look and feel of our client facing properties are designed by our team of highly talented UX/UI designers and product managers.

Pangea TV

Stream Your Videos Worldwide

Pangea TV is an integrated video broadcasting feature available within Pangea CMS. It allows Pangea users to create, manage and publish dynamic live video content on the Internet. Webmasters can define the TV shows in a classic real time “rundown” format and organize them by date and time in their Pangea Video Scheduler. Each show could, for example, consist of multiple live streams and pre-recorded videos from the Pangea archive. The shows can be automated, relying on the scheduler, or managed using the Pangea Show Manager. Pangea TV also supports embed codes for 3rd party platforms.


Pangea in Your Pocket

PangeaGO is designed to record and stream live video news events to the web by using just a smart phone. Video that was streamed directly to CMS is also automatically recorded and can be uploaded later in HD quality. The app also empowers journalists to directly contribute any type of content -- articles, photos, audio and video -- from the field. No need for a laptop. Plus, it affords our journalists a publishing platform that is small and inconspicuous, a big advantage in societies where journalists are in constant danger just for reporting the news.

Tightly integrated with the CMS, PangeaGO is a two way publishing tool. All content sent, including metadata, is automatically associated with the journalists’ broadcast service and ready for live streaming/publishing. Also, when an editor assigns a journalist to steam a live news event on-site, PangeaGO will notify the journalist when the service is ready for immediate streaming.

Audio & Video Broadcasting

Broadcast Yourself

Pangea is a robust multimedia platform. It supports live streaming, recording and editing of all audio and video content. For example, audio or video features can be cut from full-length shows and uploaded so that it can be listened or watched as a stand alone, or attached as related content to an article. The CMS also offers full scheduling functionality. Journalists can set up their service’s broadcast schedule using a calendar style template week allowing users to see the schedule, listen or view programs and download audio and video for any day desired.

Editorial Design

Data Visualization Support For Journalists

In addition to designing CMS backend pages, frontend public-facing websites and our catalogue of products and services, the Pangea Digital designers also enjoy working with journalists to create amazing infographics and microsites for our language services and BBG partners. We have had two projects, ‘Sochi 2014: Outside the Arena’ and ‘My Ukraine: Memory & Identity’ nominated for AIB (Association for International Broadcasting) awards.

New and Upcoming

The Best Will be Even Better

The Pangea Digital team never rests on past success. We constantly look for innovative ways to improve our products for journalists while creating new digital distribution opportunities and platforms for United States International Media (USIM). Below is a taste of recently launched beta and in development products.


The New Pangea Experience

Our key innovation for all Pangea users is Responsive Web Design. Simply put, this is one code base that is built in a smart way to work seamlessly anywhere -- small and large screens, fast and slow networks, new and old devices. And we are not just developing in English. The websites also have to work with right to left languages, such as Arabic, and up-to-down languages, such as Chinese. In total, we support more than 60 languages on over 90 frontend websites. To our knowledge, we are the only in-house team that is developing responsive design news sites for so many languages. Our closest peer is the BBC with 32 languages -- almost half of what we do.

Smart TV

News in Your Living Room

Another new product is Smart TV technology, delivering video and audio content directly to living room televisions. We have designed and developed SmartTV apps on the LG and Samsung platform for VOA and RFE/RL’s joint Russian language program Current Time as well as for RFE/RL, which features programing in 16 languages. We expect to add more languages, features and platforms platforms such as Apple TV and Google Chromecast. This is an exciting opportunity for USIM to reach new audiences.


Media Affiliate Distribution

Built upon our robust CMS, this product provides immediate HD quality content distribution to USIM affiliates. They can search, preview and download video and audio content produced by RFE/RL, VOA, MBN, RFA and OCB Networks. Working together with the BBG, we have big plans for Direct. New features include live streaming, breaking news, editor’s choice, and infographics.


Multimedia Asset Management System

MAM is a tool that catalogues, indexes, stores, retrieves and renders multimedia assets -- namely images, audio and video. Closely integrated with professional video equipment such as cameras, video mixers and playout servers, it represents the core of any modern broadcasting organization. Built on the success of Pangea CMS, we are expanding Pangea’s functionality to allow multimedia products to flow smoothly from our journalists to our audience. MAM will be instrumental to the future success of USIM, solving the technology and distribution challenges we face today.

Awards & Commendations

Webby Awards Official Honoree 2012

Radio & Podcast

Global Mobile Awards Finalist 2013

Best Mobile Publishing Product

Webby Awards Official Honoree 2013

Radio & Podcast

Webby Awards Official Honoree 2014

Radio & Podcast

Webby Awards Official Honoree 2014

Mobile Sites and Apps: News

Global Mobile Awards Finalist 2014

Best Mobile Publishing Product

The AIBs Finalist 2014

Online Factual Production

The AIBs Finalist 2015

Online Factual Production

Webby Awards Official Honoree 2016

Mobile Sites and Apps: News

Lovie Award Bronze 2016


Lovie Award Silver 2017

News and Politics

Webby Finalist 2018

Mobile Sites and Apps: News

Lovie Official Shortlist 2018

News and Politics

Publisher of Choice

"Pangea is our 4th CMS at Voice of America and by far the best. With new features added monthly we are able to keep pace with news delivery technology that is rapidly changing. We appreciate the sophisticated interface, robust web platform, and modern design for publishing our content to the Internet."

— Martha Townes, VOA Internet Managing Editor

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