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Pangea was first established as a small web department supporting Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty journalists. In 2012, we expanded rapidly to include Voice of America, Middle East Broadcasting Networks and the Office of Cuban Broadcasting. Today, we are a team of approximately 45 experienced professionals, operating under the umbrella of USAGM, who are passionate about digital design and development.

Our History

Our history goes back to 1997, the beginning of Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty's online presence. The first publishing system called "Publisher" was created two years later, however, the concept of "Pangea" as a unified platform wasn’t created until 2007. You can read about our journey below.

First RFE/RL automated website launched on product called Publisher v1
Publisher v2 (XML based) launched, featuring Automatic live recording and live streaming
Publisher v3 (VB + .NET) launched
Publisher v4 (C# + .NET) launched and Radio Farda is the first web site on the new platform
  • Concept of Pangea as one CMS platform has born - widget-based, highly customizable
  • All RFE/RL services migrate to Pangea with a unified “one brand” user experience
First Pangea mobile websites launched
RFE/RL redesign to 1024px width pages
  • RFE/RL iOS and Android mobile news apps launched
  • Launched social network integration in the CMS
  • Voice of America, Middle East Broadcasting (Alhurra / Radio Sawa) and the Office of Cuban Broadcasting (Radio Marti) join Pangea CMS
  • Webby Award “Official Honoree” in the Radio & Podcasts category
  • Mobile site redesign
  • PangeaGO app launched on iOS and Android
  • Webby Award “Official Honoree” in the Radio & Podcasts category
  • VOA mobile app named finalist for “Best Mobile Publishing Product” in GSMA awards
  • Webby Award honoree in two categories -- Radio & Podcasts and Handheld Devices (News)
  • Microsite “Sochi: Outside the Arena” nominated for Association for International Broadcasting award
  • Launched first Responsive sites
  • The AIBs Finalist for Online Factual Production
  • Launched all Responsive sites
  • USAGM Direct launched
  • Pangea Source launched
  • Webby Awards Official Honoree for Mobile Sites and Apps: News
  • Bronze Lovie Award: News
  • Mobile news apps redesign
  • Silver Lovie Award: News and Politics
  • Pangea MAM launched
  • Webby Award Finalist for Mobile Sites and Apps: News
  • Lovie Official Shortlist: News and Politics
Pangea CMS 8.0 beta
RFE/RL language services on Pangea CMS 8
VOA onboards iOS and Android mobile apps
VOA and OCB language services on Pangea CMS 8

Publisher of Choice

We are proud to support quality and balanced journalism in 58 languages
across 200 countries and territories around the world.

Pangea by the Numbers

Our achievements are measurable. Every year Pangea increases the number of news websites and registers their ever-increasing traffic. Our extensive archives are enriched with millions of journalistic contributions every year.

1.3 M
Total Videos
2.8 M
Audio Files
3 K
Active Users
9 M
Total Articles
520 M
Unique Visitors
1.8 B
Website Visits
2.5 B
Page Views
Unique Visitors, Website Visits and Page Views are Annual for 2020 - 2021

Awards & Commendations

Over the years, we have been consistently recognized by IADAS -- The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences -- as well as other international organizations of merit. We have been finalists alongside digital news leaders such as The Guardian, Vice and CNN.

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